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Ministry Placement

The Placement Taskforce has as its primary function the specific responsibility of helping churches to find a new Minister when a vacancy occurs as well as working with Ministers in identifying fresh possibilities for ministry in other places. In both instances the Taskforce sees itself as a service group to ministers and churches.

At any given point of time, the Taskforce will be cooperating with anywhere between five to ten churches depending on the pastoral needs being experienced. In the past churches sought the assistance of such a Taskforce mainly for the purpose of appointing senior ministers (where there was a pastoral team) or solo Ministers (where there was no team). In more recent times increasing numbers of churches are now requiring assistance in the appointment of additional team members. With this level of demand there is a commitment to the constant improvement of resources for churches together with ongoing changes to our modus operandi depending on the needs being communicated. The Placement Taskforce seeks to provide the highest level of service possible in what is certainly one of the most important decisions a church can ever make about its leadership.

Download the Placement Brochure, and read it through.

Seven Easy Steps!

  1. Contact: M&M Placement Taskforce when your ministry situation is about to change.
  2. Facilitator: We will assign you a facilitator to meet with your leadership team and walk through the process with you. They will provide you with detailed resources.
  3. Team: A Ministry Search Team will be set up assisted by your facilitator.
  4. Caretaker Minister: Your facilitator will inform us of your interim ministry needs and we will start looking for a suitable
  5. Planning: Your search committee will develop a plan of action to produce a meaningful church profile and minister profile
  6. Candidates: Your facilitator will help connect you with likely candidates for interview and assist in the interview process
  7. Induction: They can help you bring the recommendation to the church and form an induction service.